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Something is coming...

Falling in love with the sensor technology on our Flexia Smart Reformer, but own another brand of reformer at home? We've got you.

We've created a Sensor Kit to install on your home reformer, so you can move along with our sensor technology in the Flexia Online Studio. Currently, we are only fitting a few different models:

- Balanced Body - Studio Reformer

- Balanced Body - Clinical Reformer

- Balanced Body - Reformer-Trapeze Combo (RTC)”

However, if you're interested in our technology and own a different model of reformer, please tap the "Get on the Waitlist" button below to let us know which reformer we should tech-enable next!

Metrics that Matter

What are Flexia's metrics?

We're harnessing sensor technology on your Pilates reformer, so you can get real-time feedback during your workout and track your Pilates progress like never before.


Here's the scoop...Flexia is the Pilates industry's first and only smart reformer to track the three movement metrics that matter most in Pilates: Control, Speed, and Consistency (more on these below). 


Why do these metrics matter?

One of the most common questions in Pilates is "How do I know if I'm doing it right?" 


It can be difficult to assess your body's movements in space (especially on a reformer!) without a reference point like mirrors or a deep mind+body connection to correct even the smallest imbalances. 

This is why metrics like Control, Speed, and Consistency matter. They serve as your guides during each exercise in our Flexia Online Studio. 

With these three metrics guiding your movements, you'll know if your carriage control is lacking, if you're going too fast and losing critical benefits of an exercise, or if your consistency with each rep is waning.


How do I read these metrics?

Flexia's Online Studio talks to the sensors on your reformer through your wifi, giving you immediate feedback during class.


Currently, you can access Flexia's Online Studio anywhere you can surf the web. Many of our customers choose to access the Studio on their tablets or use screen mirroring to cast classes to their smart TVs. 


Control measures your carriage travel over time during a single rep. This metric ensures that you are moving with the verbal cues of your instructor during class.

The Control gauge can detect your speed and distance traveled down to the second and will alert you if you need to adjust a movement.


Consistency measures your Control from rep to rep, ensuring that you are exerting just as much effort on the 8th rep as you did on the 1st.

The Consistency gauge takes a few reps to kick in, so don’t stress when you don’t see immediate feedback (it’s calculating while you work). Once the gauge calculates, you’ll get a nudge if your reps aren’t matching.

Experience your best Pilates workout yet.


Speed measures the tempo at which you are moving.

The speed gauge simply lets you know if you’re moving too fast or too slow for the exercise at hand.